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How Java Evolved

Sun: Stanford University Network.

  • First Name of java was OAK Later when the company was established it becomes JAVA
  •  Java was started in the year June-1991
  •  It was introduced by James, mike and Patrick; it is the group of 3 member team.
  • The first java application was developed for setup box and it was standalone application.
  •  First name of java is green talk, later changed to Oak, finally changed to JAVA and there is no abbreviation for JAVA it is the name of the island called Java Island in Indonesia.
  • Java was released on 1995/may and it was targeted Internet Development

Java is used extensively in three different platforms.

1.    J2SE (Java 2 platform, Standard Edition):- platform for building standalone, applets or client applications. It is usually referred to as JDK (Java Development Kit) .

2.    J2EE (Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition):-is a platform for building server side applications.

3.    J2ME (Java 2 platform, Micro Edition):-platform for building java applications for micro devices like mobile phones, PDA etc.


·         Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages for building enterprise software.

·         An enterprise means a business organization and enterprise applications are those software that facilitate various activities in an enterprise.

·         J2EE is a platform for building server side applications.

·         Server side applications have additional requirements for development and execution.

·         J2EE platform provides the infrastructure for meeting these needs.

·         J2EE platform provides the following.

1.    A set of APIs to build applications (Servlets, JSP and EJB).

2.    A run time infrastructure for hosting and managing applications.( i.e. Servlet, JSP and EJB container )

3.    A set of service APIs (JAAS for security, JTA for transaction, JMS for messaging etc)needed for all applications.


4.    J2EE servers also provide resources that include threads, database connections, security, transactions, messaging etc, which are commonly needed for all applications.

To learn java, is it compulsory to learn C and C++ ?

No, but java is not a independent language, c is the independent language and c++ is partially independent language. Java was developed by picking up the easy and helpful concepts, algorithm from c and C++.So java is the combination of C and C++. 

Disadvantage of C:

  • No Reusability 
  • Complexity

Java recovers all these disadvantages by using oops concept:

      1.    Polymorphism

     2.    Encapsulation

     3.    Abstraction

     4.    Inheritance

     5.    Data hiding & binding



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