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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Defination:

Cloud computing means that, storing the data, accessing the data and developing the application over internet instead of developing in the local machine or computer.

Cloud Computing Types:

A public cloud:
A public cloud is not secure because it have transparency of the data of one organization to
another organization. so performing the confidential data is not good in the public cloud.
Here the organisation or Individual does not have control over the cloud because it is shared
publicly mean to that allow to access all organisation.
It is available for very less price and needed additional cost for more capacity.
It will support multiple customers.
It is accessed over internet without any restriction.

A private cloud:
Private cloud provides high security for our confidential data processing the cloud services.
Because it is privately owned and managed to restrict access.
It will help to reach dedicated customers.
It has the fixed cost over variable capacity needed for organization or individual.
It is available over internet/private network.

Two type of private cloud:
1. On-premise private cloud:
It is nothing but cloud hosted internally by organisation or individual.
2. Externally hosted private cloud: This cloud is hosted and managed by third party venders
and it is very much cheaper than the on premise private cloud.

A hybrid cloud:
It is partially private and partially public cloud service.

Cloud Services Types
Service(s) models in cloud computing
1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
2. Platform as a service (PaaS)
3. Software as a service (SaaS)
Infrastructure as services:
It provides the infrastructural services.
Example: storage, servers and load balancers, also virtual desktops.

Platform as a service:
It provides the platform for application development over internet.
Example: webservers, Dev tools(force.com), Data base.

Sotware as Services:
The application that is deployed over an internet is accessed over a browser.
Example: CRM, Email, game.

Benefits of Services:
1. It reduces the hardware cost
2. It provides the high scalability
3. It provides high security
4. Flexibility: No installation, Access anywhere over internet.
5. Every Small scale industries can use
6. Low maintains

Typ of releases in Salesforce:
There are three main API releases in salesforce. That is for every 4 months.
1. Summer
2. Winter
3. Spring

Features of cloud computing:
1. Utility based subscription: It means that, we can use the cloud based on our
need and requirement.

2. Scalable: it will provide sufficient capacity services for indusial or organisation
need like platform, application, infrastructure and networking.
3. On-demand
4. Secure storage management
5. Reliability, scalability and sustainability
6. Pay as you use services
7. No maintenance
8. Powerful load balancing capacity etc.

Challenges we facing without cloud computing:
Issues while installation, configuration, more cost, upgrading software,
maintains, experts needed for software installation and maintain many more. Cloud computing made easy and fast development of application on readymade infrastructure and platform by providing four important services IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and NaaS.







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