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Hybris is Java based framework built on top of java and spring for controller layer, JSP and other UI technologies for view or user interface layer and for module layer MYSQL or HSQL.

The SAP Hybris Framework provides many built in features related to e-commerce for both B2B and B2C. SAP Hybris framework reduce the cost of implementation, less time to implement, more built in features like ready-to-use integration framework that will connects the hybris Commerce Suite’s, page templets, UI components, SAP updating and supporting more API’s for better customization.

Sap Hybris provides the enterprise software and on-demand solutions for e-commerce, multichannel commerce, master data management, price management, order management and product management.



Content:  In this part we do add products catalogue, products category, products classification and products images (media). This is the basic part of the e-commerce where we give detail info of the products.


Orders: Here we do manage detail information about ordered products, customer’s details, order histories, payment details, customer’s fulfilment details about products and inventory management.


Channel: In this part, we are reaching the potential customers by physically or by digital way like web or online stores through mobile or desktop interface communication, social media, email, printed media many more marketing strategies. 


Commerce:  Commerce provides type of features namely business to business and business to customer, creating the big opportunities and winning the big opportunities in the market is main aim of the Business to Business process or B2B process.

Here we do selling more and gaining more revenue and finally closing the deal, also broaden the sales and increasing the

clients other than exciting clients this can be achieved by targeting the big global companies like by selling best quality

products also by reducing the cost of the product. B2C is for businesses to sell product to individuals. B2C has a large

collection of touchpoint options and look to provide the customer easy method to find, learn and purchase.


Products Platform:  It is the core architecture of the Suite where application interface and infrastructure placed




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